Every year the funds raised on Carnival day help the school to provide extra quality resources and education for our children.  Julie Turner, Leigh School Principal, outlines the three main initiatives we’ll be raising money for this year:

  • Completing our Playground Upgrade – the success of previous Carnivals has allowed us to continue transforming our much loved playground, but the old fort is still in desperate need of repair and new shade cloth is required for the sandpit.  Our playground is used nearly every day of the year by both our school kids and children from the rest of the local community.

  • New Furniture for New Classrooms – we have new classrooms arriving soon to replace two of our weary pre-fabs.  Sadly, our limited Government funding doesn’t fully cover the fit out of these buildings.  We need to replace tired desks and computer tables etc with bright, new furniture and purchase new IT equipment to provide our children with an inviting, stimulating learning environment.

  • Library Upgrade – we’re also continuing with our library makeover to provide a modern, usable space that the kids find engaging and enjoy spending time in.  Even with all of our school’s great IT equipment, books still remain an essential and important teaching tool and a source of pleasure for our children.


In 2015 the $22,000 raised allowed us to make great inroads on our playground renovation, replacing existing structures and adding new, challenging pieces of equipment to the area. We continued with the Library upgrade and enhancements by utilising IT applications and reading initiatives aimed at encouraging our kids to ‘pick up a book’!

In 2014 the record $24,000 raised went towards planting native trees around the school grounds and field (teaching the kids valuable lessons about caring for New Zealand’s unique environment).  We started on the ground work for major renovations of the playground area, which is used nearly every day of the year by our school kids, other children living in the local area and visiting children.  We also commenced the Library upgrade, an immensely important and ongoing project, ensuring out kids have access to the best resources and reading programmes available.

In 2013 the $15,000 raised went towards purchasing a pool cover to extend the children’s swimming lessons season (an essential skill in our area), we used it to make changes to the vegetable garden allowing access through a classroom (meaning a class can have some kids working inside and some outside in the garden with only one teacher needed). Plus we ran a very successful year long Accelerated Learning in Literacy programme and provided food for important after school parent/child learning sessions.

cheesemaking with Mr Calder

In 2012 the near $15,000 raised from the Leigh Carnival went towards work on our school pool.


Produced by the Leigh School PTA, all funds go to supporting our country school.
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