2013 Photos

Bric-a-brac madness starts early at the Leigh Carnival

At the Leigh Carnival

Step right up! Win a prize.

Plants and produce

Get your ride tickets here!

Get your ride tickets here!

Smoked fish in the quickfire raffles

View from the stage


On to the bouncy castle

I’ve just discovered the Giant Ice Slide is VERY COLD!

This doesn’t bode well for the safety of Leigh roads …

The Coconut Shy is the perennial favourite.

Dads and kids loving the Leigh Carnival

The crowd gathers for a crayfish round in the quickfire raffles.

It’s all great fun!

Mrs. Joan Helliwell returns 21 years after retiring as a teacher at Leigh School, with one of her former students, Nat Torkington, now chairman of the Leigh School Board of Trustees

Facepainted and in need of candy floss.

Leigh Carnival

Giant ice slide

Bonnie and Mandy onstage

Live entertainment makes for a great day at Leigh Carnival

It’s not a gang …

Quickfire winner!

Leigh Carnival

Bonnie and Mandy with very special guest.

Having a totally completely absolutely great day.

Tom Irvine

Tom Irvine and Ra Gossage

Enjoying the live music

Carnival is over, but the ice slide will be there for many hours yet to come!